The reputation amplifier system is a way to automate requesting reviews from customers while also helping with quality control. Our sophisticated, revolutionary technique maximizes accuracy and speed for each reputation amplifier campaign.

Why bother with online reviews?

The mental gap between reading a review and making a decision to purchase from a business is ridiculously small, and typically results in a yes/no decision almost immediately. As a business, your online reputation can directly influence your bottom line.

Tired of chasing people for reviews?

Ever feel unsure about asking for a review? Worried and stressed over who would be best to ask? Or just never have time to follow up? Our reputation amplifier system is a way to automate requesting reviews from customers so you don’t have to!


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Start getting more reviews today! Reputation Amplifier starts at $29.99 a month!

How do your online reviews stack up to your competitors? If your not sure take a look with our free review search and see what is being said about your business and your competition.

Retain Your Clients

Increase the frequency and effectiveness of customer interaction. Each customer receives an email after you’ve already completed a job or transaction with them, therefore boosting the overall response rate. Negative reviews are filtered and sent an auto-apology, while also being escalated to a manager to resolve.

Harness Your Online Influence

Enhance your image and build your reputation by targeting all of your customers. Proactively reach out to them via our targeted automated emails, and assist them in spreading the positive news about your brand. More positive reviews will boost your online rankings and this will translate into more business.

Increase Your Good Reviews

More reviews, means more social proof! Share the praise of happy clients, while handling unhappy customers before they become an issue! You will also receive email alerts when customers rate you low so you can follow-up to and head off negative online reviews.


Automate Your Online Reviews


A Targeted Technique built around Automation!

Our reputation amplifier system is a way to automate requesting reviews from customers while also helping with quality control. It sends a personalized email to your customers asking them to rate your service. If they give you a 3 to 5 star rating it then prompts them to leave a review online at up to three locations of your choice. If they only give you a 1 to 2 star rating; we ask them to give you feed back about why they gave the low rating but don’t prompt for an online review.

Every customer gets up to 4 chances to review your business!

Our system will automatically follow up the initial email with up to 3 more emails at various intervals over a 105 day time period. At anytime if they do rate your service it automatically removes them from getting anymore emails.

Result Driven Approach

Our solution works – and it’s built to last. We combine automation with an easy to use interface to maximize the chances of your customers leaving a review for you after the campaign has begun. Reviews are becoming make or break for all businesses today. They’re so important in fact, we only concentrate on increasing your online reviews. Whether you are an Amazon merchant, an online eCommerce site, a hotel, spa, or some other type of business, we can help you.


The Reputation Amplifier System

Step 1 of 6

Set-Up your My Serious SEM account and complete the fields needed for your Reputation Amplifier. It is a simple form that will ask for your company name, message for the email, websites for reviews to be left on, and your logo. Once you submit this information you are now set up and ready to start building your online reviews across the platforms you selected!


Add a new contact to your reputation amplifier database. Simply put in their first and last name, along with an email address and our system will take care of the rest! It will compose an email based off the information you entered earlier and send the first email off to your customer.


Once you have entered all the contacts you wish to get reviews from, all you have to do is sit back and wait. Our system is now doing all the work, and all you have to do is wait for the reviews to start rolling in!


Once a person clicks the email they will be taken to a rating page. They will be prompted to leave you a rating, and then asked about why they had a negative experince or asked to leave a review.


If you receive negative feedback, you will be sent an email with their name, email, and the message they left for you.


If they give you a good rating, just sit back and watch your online reviews grow!


Test Drive The Reputation Amplifier Today!

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Remember to send yourself two emails so you can see both the negative and positive tracks!

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Why Local SEO Maters

A typical small business can expect to gain between 20-40% of its total revenue goals from local SEO. As smartphones become more common, people use these devices to find goods, services and entertainment. If your business isn’t locally optimized, then it is unlikely to show up on those local searches. As more and more people use mobile phones, businesses who don’t make local optimization a priority are likely to lose an increasingly large portion of their fair share of the market. Having a strong set of online reviews, and an army of happy customers praising your business is a great boost to get your business noticed and ranked locally!

So who should be locally optimizing?

    • Any company that gets 80% or more of their business within 45 miles or less. This includes most retail, professional services such as doctors and lawyers, and construction services such as remodeling firms, electricians, plumbers and similar.


  • Companies in competitive niches: If your in a niche that is highly fought over, sometimes it’s just not worth getting into the fight. After all who wants to try and match Walmart on monthly SEO spend? If you focus local you have a much better shot of being found locally by someone who prefers to support a local business. A divorce lawyer could easily compete for a difficult global search term by adding a local modifier. For instance, the term ‘divorce lawyer’ is extremely competitive at the global level, but adding the local modifier, ‘Nashville’ to ‘divorce lawyer’ makes the search term both more specific, and easier to compete for in the context of local search.

Search Engine Land has reported that “compared to last year, there has been a 25% increase in consumers that look for local information while they are out, away from home or work.”

News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience. Take the time to address unhappy customers and do everything in your power to remedy the situation. It’s not only worth keeping their business, but also avoiding any negative word of mouth exposure.

– White House Office of Consumer Affairs (2012 Consumer Affaris Survey)

What do the experts say?


When customers share their story, they’re not just sharing pain points. They’re actually teaching you how to make your product, service, and business better. Your customer service organization should be designed to efficiently communicate those issues.

Kristin Smaby (Being Human is Good Business)


Local Kickstarter

Unsure About Your Local SEO?

If you’re a new business, or an established business venturing into the online market, then there is a good chance your local listing might not exist, might not be working as hard as they could be for you, or just have the wrong information all together!

We have years of experience and heaps of data that tell us which citations you can trust, and which ones might actually hurt you. We have hundreds of citation opportunities for any type of business.

Get Powerful Local Listings Optimized On…

  • Google Plus
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • YP.com
  • One Data Aggregator Site

We list your business on the citation sources BY HAND and we make sure to include as much information as possible. The more complete and comprehensive the citations are, the more they benefit your local rankings.

Get A Kickstart today for $150.00

Want to be more aggressive with your local SEO? Call us today at 866-614-9533 and learn about our Top 20 & Top 50 citation building packages that will quickly ramp up your local SEO power of your site!